Update Log

Updates from Team SolLotto
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#### July 2021

  • SolLotto partners with Grape Protocol and Parrot to raffle tickets to participate in Parrot's IDO to community members holding at least 50 PAI.
  • SolLotto's Charity Nomination process is introduced to the SolLotto platform alpha-testing.
  • SolLotto partners with SFXDX development agency for advanced rust smart contract development.
  • The SolLotto development team incorporates in St. Vincent & The Grenadines as Effective Altruism Lab LLC.
  • SolLotto is officially recognized by Solana as a member of the Solana ecosystem.
  • #### June 2021

  • Development of SolLotto's "No-Loss Lottery" begins.
  • SolLotto integrates with Phantom wallet.
  • SolLotto receives an honorable mention in Solana's second hackathon.
  • SolLotto's first explainer video is released.
  • Carlos Rocha joins the SolLotto development team.
  • Alpha-testing of the SolLotto platform begins.
  • #### May 2021

  • SolLotto roadmap is published.
  • SolLotto sponsors SolPunk giveaway in partnership with Solana Daily.
  • SolLotto website v2 is launched.
  • SolLotto whitepaper is published.
  • SolLotto community building and role distribution begins.
  • Bishop Smith & David Seo join the SolLotto team as cofounders.
  • Rushi Chandalia joins the SolLotto development team.
  • Kashyap Pavra joins the SolLotto development team.
  • SolLotto officially registers for Solana's hackathon.
  • SolLotto website v1 is launched.
  • Telegram announcements channel opened.
  • Discord community started.
  • Conor Holds posts first tweet as Team SolLotto.